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There is nothing wrong with hard work, but whats the point if your work prevents you from enjoying your life. Welcome to FUN, the Podcast that encourages you to Carpe all those Diems and live a life that rewards you personally and professionally. Your host Joel Comm introduces you to leaders from the business, entertainment and social world that have turned their passion in to play.
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Fun with Joel Comm


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Oct 31, 2016

Welcome to Episode two of FUN! This episode we ask Bryan Kramer of Purematter.comwhat he does for FUN. We explore photography, travel and the importance of Fun in your business.

Bryan is one of the greatest leaders in the globe in art and science sector. Bryan was born in California, and later they shifted to Oregon where he grew up. Bryan studied and graduated in aviation and also spent most of his early life in Hawaii. Bryan loved airplanes, surfing, chocolate, pizza and traveling since he was young. Bryan is both a practitioner and authority on both social technologies and social behaviors, with over 300000 social fans and supporters, and a deeper understanding of the details and interworking. Bryan is the author of multiple books, owner of a digital agency.

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Oct 31, 2016

Welcome to Episode One of Fun. The guest for this episode is Michael O'Neal of The Solopreneur Hour Podcast. We could not think of anyone better for the opening episode, as he optimizes the premise of the show. Michael builds his business around his hobbies and interests.

"Don't prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities" - Stephen Covey


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